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Online Quiz Games

Why the quiz games?

Online Quiz Games is the OneDayQuiz area dedicated to relax and entertainment.

Are you waiting for your turn at the Post Office? Are you in your car (not driving…) and don't know what to do? Did you pick up your girlfriend and have that half-hour wait before she gets off? Would you like to watch something on TV but, strangely, there is nothing interesting on? Do you need a break from study or work? Do you feel stressed? Are you bored, irritated, sad, elated, relaxed or annoyed?

Whatever you are doing or however you are feeling, it is always a good time to relax and at the same time learn something new with fun quiz games.

Unplug and treat yourself to a few moments of fun at OneDayQuiz!

How does it work?

Choose the type of quiz game you prefer and then answer the questions correctly, while also keeping an eye on the time.

The questions cover a rich variety of subjects (e.g. animals, music, cinema, sports, geography, etc.).

For each answer, you will get a mark from 2 to 10. The sum of all grades will form your score.

If you are a guest user (not registered) you can only take the first 5 quizzes of each type; your score is saved temporarily. By registering or authenticating via Facebook or Google, your score is stored permanently. In addition, you get access to 5 more quizzes per type, free Quiz Collections and additional features such as report cards and leaderboards.

Here are the different types of quiz games.

Classic Quiz

As the name implies, the most classic of quiz games: one question and 4 possible options. How does the Classic Quiz work? You select the correct answer from those proposed, in the shortest possible time. In fact, the shorter the answer time, the higher the grade you get. You have hints available that eliminate up to two of the four possible options.

Visual Quiz

One question, one image, and 4 possible options. How does the Visual Quiz work? The questions are closely related to the image, which is the key to finding the correct answer. Again, you have to answer correctly in the shortest possible time, and you have the same help available as in the Classic Quiz.

Complete Quiz

One of the most popular online quiz games, one question and one or more words to complete. How does Quiz Complete work? To find the words to complete, you have to reason about the trivia question, contextualizing it according to the subject of the quiz (Animals, Cinema, Cooking, etc.). Once you find the solution, all you have to do is enter the missing letters in the appropriate spaces until you complete the correct word and fill in all the empty boxes. At that point, confirm your answer with the OK button. In this quiz game, the time taken does not affect your grade, unless you exceed the maximum time allowed. The Complete Quiz helps allow more letters to appear, thus decreasing the number of empty boxes and making it easier to solve.

Yer or No Quiz

Very simple: one question and 2 possible options, Yes or No. How does the Yes or No Quiz work? You must answer yes or no to the quiz questions. With only two possible options, more promptness and speed of response is required. In fact, every second that passes can cost you dearly and drastically lower your grade. As a remedy against time, you may decide to use aids, which allow you to "freeze" the stopwatch for a few seconds and have a little more time to think.

Clues Quiz (coming soon)

Clue quiz games are a lot of fun, though sometimes a bit tricky. How does the Clue Quiz work? The goal is to find the solution with only 3 clues available. The clues consist of one or more key words that are somehow related to the solution. The answer to the quiz is open-ended and must be typed into the appropriate field. If the three clues were "Eden," "Eve," and "A fruit," you would have to type the word "apple" as the answer. The clues may fit broadly within the context of the solution (such as "Eden" or "Eve") or they may be more specific and selective (such as "a fruit"). In some cases the answers accepted and therefore considered correct may be multiple. The time taken does not affect the grade unless the maximum time is exceeded. In this type of quiz game, aids allow additional clues to be added to the initial ones, up to a maximum of 9 clues.

Audio Quiz (coming soon)

Audio quizzes are also a popular type of quiz games. How does the Audio Quiz work? These quizzes are very similar to Visual, so one question and four possible options. The difference is that instead of looking at a picture, you have to listen to a short audio track to find the correct answer.

Zoom Quiz (coming soon)

Zoom is another type of quiz game with pictures. How does the Zoom Quiz work? In this case, you are given a question accompanied by a detail (or a detail) of an image. There are 4 possible answers, and to identify the correct one you have to analyze the zoom well and try to figure out what it is. Aids in this case consist of being able to see a larger portion of the image.

Guess Quiz (coming soon)

Have you ever played the game of hangman? It is something similar. How does the Guess Quiz work? Similarly to the Complete Quiz, in order to identify the words to be completed you have to reason about the question, contextualizing it according to the subject of the quiz. The difference is that, while in the Complete Quiz you have to write the word by placing each missing letter in the correct box, in the Guess Quiz you have to guess the missing letters without necessarily respecting their order. Again, time does not affect your grade unless you exceed the time limit. Aids allow you to find some of the letters that make up the words.

Quiz Bonus

Quiz of the Day

On OneDayQuiz, every day a new quiz for free! Don't miss the Quiz of the Day, thanks to the bonus the correct answer is worth more points.


The subjects of the online quiz games on OneDayQuiz span a wide variety of topics. In the dashboard you have the option to view the complete list and also to filter quizzes by specific subject.


Advertising Quiz: questions on commercials, slogans, carousels and everything related to the advertising world.


How much do you know about the animal kingdom? In the Animals Quiz section you will find many curious questions about animals: breeds, characteristics, behavior, and habits about all the animal species that inhabit our beautiful planet.


Art quizzes are mainly about painting, sculpture, architecture, great artists of the past and present. Demonstrate your knowledge on the subject by playing Art Quiz.


Planets, stars, constellations, and everything related to observing the universe, in Astronomy Quiz.


In Business Quiz you will have to bring out the business man in you: supply and demand, production, financial markets and everything else about the complex economic system.


Brands, models, performance… Modern, racing and vintage cars… Utility cars, sports cars, SUVs, sedans… In Cars Quiz, find fun quizzes suitable for all car enthusiasts.


You know, cartoons are not only enjoyed by children but also by many adults. In Cartoons Quiz you will find questions about cartoons of all genres and all times… enjoy!


If you are a student or just fascinated by the world of chemistry, Chemistry Quiz is the right quiz subject for you!


In Cooking Quiz you won't have to demonstrate your skills behind the stove, but you will still need the knowledge of a real chef. You will need to be knowledgeable about recipes, ingredients and culinary products, and… of course on the greatest internationally renowned chefs.


It could not miss a section dedicated to cryptocurrencies. In Crypto Quiz you will have to demonstrate your knowledge about bitcoin, altcoins, blockchain and everything that falls under the emerging world on the world of decentralized finance.


A subject that is especially popular with the youngest but can fascinate adults as well. the Dinosaur Quiz includes all species of these ancient ancestors of ours, from the fiercest carnivores to the mammoth herbivores to the large winged reptiles and marine reptiles.


You're good at facts but how are you with words? Because in Dictionary Quiz you'll have to show that you have a pretty large vocabulary at your disposal.


Lots of quizzes about flowers but not only! Trees, plants and the plant world in general. You'll need the skills of an expert botanist to get by in the Florwers Quiz section.


Geography is one of those subjects that you either love or hate. You may not be well versed in it, but if you have at least done some travel, it will probably help you answer the questions found in Geography Quiz.


Because as with geography, you either love this subject or hate it--or you learn to love it. History quiz, not just characters and dates.


In Hobby Quiz you can find trivia and questions about activities you enjoy in your free time: card games, DIY, fishing, gardening, birdwatching, hiking, and more.


If you like Italy, this subject is for you! Find out about Italy Quiz now!


Questions about books, novels, poems, authors, and the immense and fascinating world of literature in general. Go to the Literature Quiz.


Among the various quiz games, those related to numbers could not be missing: Math Quiz. Don't worry, you don't need to be a brainiac to answer correctly, all you need is a little training.


You don't have to be a film critic to love cinema. But you do need to love cinema to answer the questions in this subject: Movie Quiz. From the most recent films to black-and-white movies. From Oscar winners to the most resounding flops. Plus: actors, directors, producers and everything that falls under the fascinating world of cinema.


You can have different tastes but who doesn't like music? Go to Music Quiz to answer questions about songs, genres, albums, singers and more.


A section devoted entirely to quizzes on politics: questions on politicians, elections, parties and everything related to this topic. Discover Politics Quiz.


Record Quiz, the category devoted to world records. From the most bizarre, such as the number of hamburgers eaten in three minutes to the most spectacular, such as the world's highest waterfalls.


How much do you know about soccer? Soccer Quiz on players and clubs, leagues, coaches, stadiums, referees, and anything related to this popular sport.


Show Quiz: presenters, showgirls, reality TV, TV quizzes, gossip and more.


Sport Quiz, to bring out the sportsman in each of us. From water polo, to basketball, from rowing to karate, from athletics to the first sport that comes to mind.


How tech-savvy do you think you are from 1 to 10? Prove it by getting high marks in the subject Technology Quiz. Questions on computers, software, electronics and technology in general.


In Traditions Quiz you can find questions about the traditions, customs and traditions of the peoples of the modern and ancient world.

TV Series

TV series addiction has at least one advantage: you're sure to be strong in the OneDayQuiz TV Series Quiz subject. Questions about titles, actors, plots, episodes, seasons and everything else about the ever-expanding world of series.


Are you a hardcore gamer? Or maybe you lack the basics and don't even know Pacman? Either way, in Videogames Quiz your knowledge in the world of video games will be tested, from those that have made history to those that have just been released.

Report Card

In the report card you can keep track of your performance in different subjects. Be sure to try to get at least a passing grade!


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